What about the avatars?

I’ve tried with jpeg ans bmp images and spark says that the server not support vcards.

any idea? what are the valid image formats?

thank you in advance

.gif and .png works fine for me. maybe scale it to 75x90 pixel.


I’ve just tried with.png and .gif , and scaling the image but I the problem persist.

Check on this: Server > Serveroptions > Private Data - Enable clients to store there personally data on the server

Have a second check: Do you have the plugin "

vCard-based Extended Presence" installed? If so, go to Server > Serveroptions >

vCard-based Extended Presence - and set both options to enabled. If you don`t have this installed download vcardextpres.jar and install it.
vcardextpres.jar (10936 Bytes)

If you are using LDAP you need to enable the ability to save avatars. This can be done by setting the system property ldap.override.avatar to true on the web admin page. You will probably need to restart the openfire service after setting this property.