Avaya IP Office Presence Plugin?


I’‘m a bit envious of the Asterisk-IM plugin… I’'d love to be able to integrate our Wildfire/Spark setup with our new Avaya IP Office telephone system.

The first step would be to leverage the Avaya IP Office’’ TAPI interface to setup Spark presence for our users.

Has anyone begun any work on such a plugin? Is there any interest in such a plugin (any other Avaya IP Office and Spark users?)



We’‘d definitely be interested in replicating the Asterisk-IM features for other systems, such as Avaya. No plans quite yet, but we’'re trying to gather info about what systems people would be most interested in.



I too would be extremely interested in having this. Colby would your company be willing to split the cost of having this developed? Monetary incentives might make it happen a bit quicker…

Hey guys,

It definitely really helps us prioritize to have people posting telling us they need a feature. Sponsorship would help as well of course. Feel free to ping me via email or private message.



Openfire is mentioned in the Avaya Aura Presence Services 6.1 document at http://support.avaya.com/css/P8/documents/100133523.

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