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Avoid flashing in Windows TaskBar?


how can I turn off the flashing in Windows TaskBar. Using WinXPpro.

Our users of Spark, finds this very annoing (don’t ask me why), so I need fo find a way to turn it off.

I have searched the spark.jar file for all properties, but can not find any property to set this.

I hope someone can help me!



The endlessly blinking taskbar button is very annoying. I set the taskbar buttons to not steal focus and only blink three times in Tweak UI, but Spark seems to override that setting and blink until I press it. I can turn off notifications in conference rooms to disable it, but that will also disable my “toast” notifications as well. I want my toast notifications, but I do not want the blinking taskbar button. If it is going to blink, I’d like the option to set the number of blinks or have it not override Windows’ own setting that I specified with Tweak UI.


it’s quite hard to get (new) feature requests added by Jivesoftware but one can always submit a patch which solves this. I also don’t like icons which flash longer than 3 times.


Has this issue ever been resolved? driving us crazy as well


in the latest Version from SVN (10984) the taskbar blinking doesn’t work . :slight_smile:

Until 2.6.0 Beta2 the taskbar blinking has been made by jniwrapper plugin.

After this version we have removed the jniwrapper plugin and move the features (systemtray and idle detection) from the jniwrapper to native java.

But java doesn’t support the blinked taskbar. So I have create a new plugin to bring this feature back into spark.

After 2.6.0 Beta2 you can removed this plugin if you don’t won’t this feature.


the flashing was driving us crazy as well. We have a patch at hand and will forward it to cstux, as he is currently the maintainer of the trunk. Should be fixed.


I just wanted to add, that not flashing at all was driving me crazy If you miss the toast, then you dont know if there is a new mesage, so you have to check the chat window constantly. Not very pleasant thing. So, some kind of taskbar indication should stay (ok with 3 times flashing and then glowing constantly to drive my attention).

Since SVN 10987 the flashing was back. In the next release of this plugin, I will add the function

to disable or enable this feature.

Cool, can you tell me which plugin should I keep an eye out for and is there a way to setup a subscription so I’m simply emailed a ‘plugin udpate’ when it comes out? if not thats okay I’ll simply periodically check.

thanks for the help!

Sorry! Too late! :stuck_out_tongue:

The plugin name is flashing.

In the latest Version of the SVN you can enable and disable the plugin and you can change the flashing type.

I’m assuming svn stands for s ubversion, can you let me know where I can find and install this, sorry if this question seems like im not reading but i checked around and downloaded what i thought was the latest 2vn (2.5.8) but I’m beginning to think i totally barked up the wrong tree. is it ina spark build or do I need to find the flashing plugin?

I can upload the flashing.jar plugin here, but this won’t work with the official Spark version. You have to compile new version of the current source code (yes, from the subversion) and flashing plugin will be included there. If you do want to compile it, when i can give you a guide how to do it with Netbeans and some svn client. Or maybe you should just wait for a 2.6.0 release or next beta or so. Cant tell you when

hm okay, if theres already a guide for it and its possible can you post me the links? even if 2.6 comes out tomorrow it would be cool to learn how to do that stuff.

can i compile it in windows or does that have to be done in linux? (the client machine is windows if that matters)

I was speaking about this one http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/docs/DOC-1521 It’s for Windows, though there is no big difference here. Also, it tells only about the compiling part and not much about obtaining the source code through the SVN. I think you should try TortoiseSVN client http://www.filehippo.com/download_tortoisesvn/ . It’s very user friendly, though i personally dont like it For compiling you will need Netbeans IDE (http://www.netbeans.org/downloads/index.html Java Se package) and JDK. Or you can just download the latest JDK and Netbeans IDE bundled in one package here http://java.sun.com/javase/downloads/netbeans.html After compiling go to target directory (which will be near src directory), then build - bin - and launch startup.bat file.

If you’ll have questions about that, you can ask, i will try to explain those parts that will cause difficulties.