Avtar in SparkWeb 0.9.0


I want to change the default avtar in Sparkweb… I can do this via Spark, but not through SparkWeb. When I got to “Edit my profile”, I cannot see any option to change the photo. Am I missing anything?

Any help or pointers?


Note: If I upload my avtar through Spark, I can see the same through SparkWeb client (if they share the same DB). So is the upload GUI part is missing from the web client?

There is no means to change the avatar in sparkweb.

Hello Astha,

It is your citymate here. Does sparkweb provide such kind of functionality to update image. Well as i know whatever u get in your profile does cpme from domain server through gateway plugin. If i guess and understand correctly no domain(like gmail yahoo) provide API for this …

Let me know about it more if u have something to share…


Sparrkweb does not support the changing of avatars period. You cannot do it for the XMPP server you are connecting to or any gateways.

If you have a webcam, you can use the Red5 version of SparkWeb to change your avatar by taking a picture of yourself in te edit profile window. See

_http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/blogs/ignite/2008/07/26/flash-based-audi o-and-video-in-spark-sparkweb-and-openfire

for more details.

I tried something with the OpenFire server. I uploaded a photo through the “Spark” (in the jivevcard table of OpenFire), and I was able to see the same avtar of that user in “SparkWeb”.

So as far as I understand, there is no means to upload the avtar to SparkWeb, but if the user’s vcard has the binary photo uploaded in the Database, the sparkweb displays the same change in avtar.

Please correct me if I am missing out something…



You CANNOT upload photograhs or image files from SparkWeb even though you can view the avatar stored in Openfire VCARD. If you are using the Red5 version of SparkWeb, you can chnage the VCARD binary data with a phot taken from your webcamera.

I was able to upload an image by adding a photo tag to table jivevcard. But the change of avatar gets reflected only when I restart the server. Can someone tell me if I am missing on something?

It should not require a server restart, but a client refresh. That data is not instantly reflected. It takes time to autorefresh. Quitting the client and relaunching will show the changes anyone has made.

Thanks for your reply but even after refreshing the client for several times I was not able to get the new avatar reflected . Can you please let me know which event can I trigger to get this refreshed everytime I change it.Thanks in advance.

Hi, One more thing to it,even when I edit my profile and change something like First name it does not gets refreshed on screen though it gets updated in DB. Does this means the SparkWeb has this bug of refreshing the screen dyanmically?

It is not just sparkweb it is spark too. other users will not see you changes right away.

This is not the case with Spark. When I change my profile or avtar in spark, it shows my changes on the screen there and then. That is the image is refreshed, and the name as well. I just reverified this.

For you not for everyone else. Of course any changes you make to your spark will be instant. but all other users have to wait to see those changes. This holds true for sparkweb as well.

I am not going to debate this.