Back from 2-3 year hibernation: Help getting started with Flash setup?


I rediscovered XIFF after starting up a Flash live customer service project. It looks like I signed up here three years ago, and posted some questions which are back to the surface with additional time/change complications. May I get some advice on getting up to speed?

Starting from here:

I’m now using Flash CS5, and have been getting all sorts of errors when trying to look at examples and previous work.

  • It looks like XMPPSocketConnection no longer exists. Do I use XMPPConnection instead?
  • Any good recent examples out there for how to get started? It seems the ones I find are referencing “org.jivesoftware…” instead of “org.igniterealtime…”

I’m really excited to revisit XIFF. I just remember it being very harsh to get started with due to lack of documentation two or so years ago (perhaps stilll today). Any bones you could throw would be super appriciated.

Thanks a ton in advance!


I may have found what I’m looking for:

Additional thoughts welcome.

OK, I’m totally good to go after working with the fine example from the link above.

A few notes:

-The example didn’t work right out of the box. onServerInputChange() and onServerPortInputChange() were not being called, so I was constantly getting errors to start. The bandaid fix was to place the following at the top of the connect() function: