Back messages ICQ do not go in cirillic, but (abrakadabra) unreadable font

Its used plugin 1.0 Beta 5

Back messages ICQ do not go in cirillic, but (abrakadabra) unreadable font.

This is related to GATE-82

I’‘m pleased to announce that I could fix this. Unfortunately, this problem belongs to joscar (Java OSCAR package). I could change joscar so that it interprets incoming non-ISO8859-1 messages correctly. I also have fixed the gateway plugin to pass a plugin.gateway.icq.encoding parameter to joscar. And it works! However, I don’'t know what to do next. Should I submit a patch somewhere?

Awesome! Please submit patches to me ( I’'ll pass along the pieces to the joscar peeps and make sure to credit you. =) (that also means, please include your name along with the email you send me ;D )

Hello Alexey Nikitine,

Can you send a patch fo me please?

My email:

Thank you very much.

BTW, I also don’‘t care what format you send the patch in. You can send me a real patch, your copy of the sources and I’‘ll check the diffs, or whatever. I’‘m quite flexible on receiving fixes/patches/whatever. Thanks! I’'m sure a lot of folk will be singing your praises! =)

Hi nikitine again, I noticed you dropped a note to the joscar list itself. That’‘s awesome. =) I’‘d still like to see the patches if you don’'t mind so that I can go ahead and apply them to the plugin instead of waiting for them to be incorporated into joscar. None-the-less, great work on getting this worked out!