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Backing up Openfire

We are using 3.3.1 on a Windows 2003 server, using the imbedded database, it works great, love it and so do our users. But being new to this I’m not sure which file/files I need to keep backup copies of in case something goes evil :_| Also when upgrading to a newer version can you just install over the older version without losing the user files etc ?


for complete safety I would recommend backing up the entire openfire program folder.

there is usually an upgrade path between versions. some require more effort than others.

You can just backup /conf and /embedded-db directories, and maybe /resources/security if you have set some security certificates. But it’s is simplier just to backup whole openfire dir.

Btw, to keep your database complete and uncorrupted you should better make backups when openfire is turned off. It depends on load and how often your database is written, but there is chance to loose some information if you’ll do backups while openfire is running. Openfire could be holding something in memory while you’ll be doing backup, so you wount have this info.

And yes, you can upgrade overwriting current installation. All settings and database will be left intact.

Thanks !!!