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Backup and Restore Database and configuration of Openfire 3.4.4!

Hi all!

I’m install a Openfire server, My server have 1000 account. My server using mysql DB (5.x) , i’m backup Openfire by:

mysqldump -u backup --databases openfire > openfire.sql —> Ok

Recently, i’m setup a other server. New server used mysql DB (5.x), when i restore openfire.sql for new server.

mysql -u backup < openfire.sql —> ok

however, i can’t see account on old server.

i’m check DB by use PHPMYADMIN, i compare old DB and new DB --> Ok (same).

help me please, or send me document for backup and restore (i can’t search document for backup and restore Openfire on Internet).

Thanks so much!

Hi MCxx,

When you loaded the backup system with the database dump, was it a clean database to start?

Was Openfire stopped when you restored the db on the backup system? Your running Openfire may have a cache that needs to be flushed manually from the console or by restarting Openfire.

Does your backup system have the same server name as the production box?



Thanks so much, I’m check steps following under lines guides. But, When i’m

restore complete, I’m check now --> not OK. I can’t see account on old


Can you help me!!!