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Backup Configuration

Hello all.

I am currently setting up an openfire server and I am using ldap connection as my user base. I want to start the server off with a good backup and I wanted to know what files in particular I need to backup. In using ldap am I still using the embedded DB (I believe thats how I set it up). what files do I need to backup to ensure of an easy recovery in case of a failure.

thanks for your help.


a backup of the whole openfire directory will be fine, so you have all files you need within your backup.

These files change after installation / during setup / running Openfire:

conf/openfire.xml stores your LDAP settings, there may be some other files in conf/ - not sure if one does really nead them to backup

embedded-db/* contains the embedded database, one can usually use a simple copy to make a useful backup. Only in some very rare cases the backup is useless.

plugins/* contains your plugins.

Somewhere the enterprise license should be stored, I no idea where.