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Backup, Import/Export and Upgrading users and groups

Hello, I’'ve been using Wildfire (previously named Jive Messenger) since version 2.1, and I have nothing but good comments about it, keep up the great work with this excelent OpenSource product.

Since version 2.1, the upgrade process hasn’'t been clear, and with the release of new versions and aditional plugins, specifically the Export/Import one, the backup, import and export processes have been significantly improved.

Is there a way in which, as we import and export the users created in our Wilfire server, also the groups created can be imported and exported? This would be a terrific feature to include, if it hasn’'t been implemented yet.

And finally, the upgrade process is still vague and not clear, it would help a lot to document the necessary steps to do this.

Thank you very much in advance to this questions, and again, keep up the great work on Wildfire.

Hi rspacovich,

The import/export plugin does not support the importing/exporting of user groups but that is a feature I’‘m planning on adding to the next version. Currently I have someone testing another new feature that deals with LDAP and once I’‘m confident that is working I’'ll release a new version which should hopefully be in the next couple of weeks.

As for the upgrades, you’'re right, a bit more documentation would be nice. Is there a particular area during the upgrade process that has caused problems for you?

Hope that helps,