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Backup Openfire created private key

How to backup the private key create by Openfire?

Backup this folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Openfire\resources\security\ (similar place on Linux).

Is the private certificate stored without a password on the disk (like it is common for pem/p12 files)? Sure I don’t need anything else (like a key password)?

Not sure about the “pem/p12” stuff. I usually do manual updates of Openfire on linux and save /conf /embedded-db and /resources/security folders. Delete all, copy new version files, then copy those folders from backup on top. Everything works and no password is requested.

But, i’m using the self-signed certificates generated by Openfire. Maybe something is different when using external certificates.

Aren’t the self-signed certificates autogenerated by Openfire server? Then this may not best test if they are backuped correctly.

Well, can’t advice anything else other than creating another test server with the same name and copying this folder in there and checking if everything works fine.