Backup Wildfire Server & Server names

Hi All,

We need to create a backup Wildfire server for our company.

It needs to be running all the time, and able to be switched ‘‘live’’ quickly (i.e. no need to roll-out new Spark clients with new server info).

What is the best way to do this?

We currently have a DNS pointer ‘‘wildfire’’ which redirects to our actual Wildfire server host address (“” for arguments sake), and have hardcoded ‘‘wildfire’’ in both the server details & host details in the skinned spark client.

We did this hoping that if we need to redirect to a backup server, we could just change the DNS pointer (e.g. from to for example).

This works for 90% of our staff, however, anybody that uses fastpath no longer got assigned to their group.

To work around this for our Fastpath users, i have left the full server name in the ‘‘server’’ field on Spark, and only put the wildfire dns pointer in the ‘‘host’’ field. This works great, except for in the case of use needing to redirect to a different server, as we’‘d need to reinstall the clients on these PC’'s with the new ‘‘server’’ name.

So… obviously the DNS pointer works for the host address… but not correctly for server name… How would i work around this?

I’‘m thinking… Both servers could have the same ‘‘server name’’ (e.g. “OpenFire”) set in the properties (as i’‘ve recently found out this doesn’'t have to be related to the actually windows/host server name.

Both servers would still have different windows/host names (e.g. server & serverbackup) and a DNS pointer could be used in the ‘‘host’’ section of spark still to decide which server the client actually goes to…

Would this work?

Sorry if this is a long & confusing post… I’'m juggling about 10 different things here at work at the moment…



I think a similar question was already asked here:

What you want to do is add a load balancer too have active/passive failover. The load balancer forwards all traffic to one node, and if it ever crashes, forwards traffic to the other node.

Hmm not quite… But very close…

I think that thread is talking about having 1 Wildfire server, but 2 extention servers (whatever they are lol).

I just want 2 Wildfire servers… Using the load balancing to switch could be used… But for now i think we’'d stick to using DNS to change where the host address points to… (with both Wildfire instances having the same ‘‘server name’’ property set.)

/shrug… I’'ll just give it a go and cross my fingers!


i meet it,how to solve ?