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Bandwidth Checker for Red5 - A little off topic

This is a little off topic since it is not really the Red5 plugin but I thought I would ask if someone could help. Also I thought it might interesting for other people running the Red5 plugin.

I wanted to get this flash bandwidth tester for Red5/FMS servers working as it might be useful for troubleshooting and for remote users to see if bandwidth is an issue. The install is pretty straight forward.

This is the website for the bandwidth checker:


  1. Unzipped and put the server files in /opt/openfire/plugins/red5/web/bwchecker

  2. Put the .swf and .html files in /opt/openfire/plugins/red5/bwchecker/bwchecker.html and bwchecker.swf

  3. Changed the address in bwchecker.html to rtmpurl=rtmp://our.server.net/oflaDemo/bwchecker

Access the via http://our.server.net:7070/web/bwchecker.html

It connects but I get Unable to send outgoing packets to server

I also tested by using the Red5.html tester application to rtmp://our.server.net/oflaDemo/bwchecker and got a successful connection.

I emailed the makers of the bandwidth tester so I’ll see what I get back as well. Like I said this is really outside of the Red5 plugin but I thought I would also post here as it seems it would be useful to people who are running the Red5 plugin. Thanks for any insights.