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Basic overview of IM Gateway question

I tried searching this and I am either not searching under the correct terms, or this information isn’t spelled out enough for me. Anyone that can just give me an idea of how the IM Gateway is supposed to function would be great. I’ll give you some background on what I am trying to accomplish and maybe someone can give me a simple answer.

I have Openfire installed and my clients are using Spark. I have received a request from one of my clients to communicate with someone who is using AIM. So I installed the IM Gateway and enabled the AIM gateway service from within Openfire.

This is where it all falls apart for me. What do I do with the registration? Am I supposed to input the Spark user who wants to communicate with the AIM user? I tried that and put in some random ID assuming it would auto-generate something for AIM and it says “Invalid screen name or password specified. Please re-register with a valid screen name and password” when I open up Spark.

I know I am just being stupid, but please somebody throw me a bone…

Thanks! Matt

If you just leave the default settings for the gateway config anyone can use them. You need only to activate the particular gateway you want to allow users to use. They must have an ID for that particular gateway registered with that service. In other words to use AIM gateway you must have a valid AIM ID. The user need to enter this ID and its password under the appropriate gateway icon in spark. Then they can chat with AIM users through your server.

I don’t know how I missed seeing that little AIM icon in Spark before. I knew it was something stupid.

Thanks much!