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Basic setup questions for server-please help

Ive set up jive messenger on my windows 2003 server. I have it behind a hardware firewall on my network. I have been using the messenger within the network but would like to extend its use outside of our network for use out of the office. So I just want to make sure I’'ve got this right.

IP and domains are hypothetical

I need to buy a domain ie www.mydomain.com

then I need to point that domain at my static IP of my server for example

Then I need to port forward on my firewall to the port I think its 5990 (I know where to find it) to the Internal IP of my server ie

that way I will have user@mydomain.com accessible on the internet

Any thing I miss?

Thanks for the help.

Hey Robert,

Unless you modified the standard ports you will need to forward 5222, 5223 and 5269. Port 5269 is used for server-2-server communication. You may also need to change the hostname of Jive Messenger to be mydomain.com and make sure that mydomain.com is also resolvable by your internal network. If you want to expose the admin console to the outside world then you may want to open the 9090 and 9091 ports.


– Gato

Thanks alot for the help. I went into the configuration and pulled those ports and had everything forwarded. one last little thing I need to change the xmpp.domain to the new mydomain.com right? Other than that I think I’'m ready to go


We just published our Jive Messenger server externally. I am assuming that you have a domain name in place already, but perhaps not from your previous post. You may or may not host your own external DNS. If you don’‘t then you will need to register a FQDN typically as an A record (address or possibly a CNAME (canonical name)record if the A record doesn’'t work) with your DNS provider for your external interface. In my example, it is messenger.domain.com which resolves to the external interface of our Firewall. I have a port forwarding rule on it that takes ports 5222, 5223, and 5269 traffic and forwards traffic on those ports to the internal IP address. I have then reconfigured my internal Jive Messenger settings to match the FQDN I published externally and restarted the Jive Messenger Service. So far it seems stable.

I hope this helps


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Yeah I have the domain I only changed the arecord yesterday and it hasnt propogated fully, so waiting on that. But otherwise its set upt the same way you said. The registrar also does the DNS so I changed the arecord with them. one thing was unclear to make the change to my new domain name in the server admin. I change the xmpp.domain setting to the new domain right?

Yep. You may want to update xmpp.domain to your new hostname. You can do that modification from the admin console.


– Gato