Basic starting point

Hi. Completely new to Jabber and this API. I have done the following:

  • created a user on a jabber server ( and was able to log into it using GAIM.

Using the API, the basic example says I should be able to do the following:

XMPPConnection con = new SSLXMPPConnection(“”);

con.login(“myaccount”, “mypass”


This does not work, the connection object does not log in, throws an exception.

How should I be doing this? What am I missing or doing wrong?

Sorry for the total n00b question, but I could not find a resource on the site that explained with a little more detail and I know next to nothing about how Jabber works. Does creating an account on the public Jabber server ( mean I can connect to as above? Or do I put the there instead (that didn’'t work either)?


Jabber servers generally do not share accounts, so you can only log into the server you’'ve created the account on.


you may want to try it with

XMPPConnection con = new XMPPConnection("");
con.login("myaccount", "mypass");

without SSL. You are using TLS this way, or plain if TLS is not supported. SSL is a little bit out-dated for xmpp.