Batch-Creation of PubSub-Nodes kills Server


we are trying to implement a PubSub-System using Openfire and we will be

having quite a lot of different nodes. If all runs as planned, there will be

a few thousand different nodes, most of them are not persistent…but still.

Now we try to create a few of them (as in 10 (yes ten)) and even now

the server raises massively in memory usage and finally has to be

killed manually:

Java Memory 1350.14 MB of 1511.44 MB (89.3%) used

Out Script (own PHP-XMPP-Library) basically does nothing but opening

a socket to the jabber-server and then pump XML through it. One socket

for the creation of a few pubsub nodes.

Why does it eat memory so fast? Is PubSub in Openfire even ready for

something that “large-scale”? How can I easily and efficiently create

“a lot” of PubSub nodes?

thanks in advance!

I got similar problems when creating 1400 items on the same batch and finally had to restart the server. I hope they’ll put the Pubsub implementation enhancement somewhere at the top of their priority-list.