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Be killed by kaspersky

Always when i launched openfile3.9,it‘s been killed by kaspersky workstation 6.0, I beg anyone’s help, how should i do?

Report to Kaspersky. I can’t find a false positive report link on their site (they’ve must be thinking they can’t be wrong…). So just try contacting they by regular contacts/forums/etc. Or drop c:\program\files\openfire\bin\ zip all files into one file - to newvirus@kaspersky.com and tell that they are detecting it wrong. Though, does it say there is a virus or what? You should tell them what’s happening exactly. Or maybe you can just add openfire.exe and openfired.exe into exceptions in Kaspersky program settings.

Thank you very much for your help. Now i have resolved it by adding the openfire installation directory into kaspersky’s except directory of detecting. Anyway ,you give me some nice advice, thanks!