Behind DSL modem what ip address does the client use

reIm behind the standard modem that comes with verizon. it has an ip adress then each pc on the network as an ip address of 192.168.1.xx. im using for a dns. what ip address does the client use, my modem ip doesnt work. thanks

Is the client external to your modem? Is the server internal to your modem? Does it have a static IP from the modem/router? If the client is external have you forwarded the ports for the server from the modem’s IP to the server’s internal IP?

how do i forward the ports from the modem to the server

I cannot give you specific on that without knowing the specific make and model of your dsl modem. I can then lookup the directions.


Software Version:
Transceiver Revision:
Model Name:
Serial Number:
Broadband Connection Status:
Broadband IP Address:
Broadband MAC Address:
Broadband Connection Type:
Active Status:
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thanks for the detailed description. before, i couldnt use my ip to get on from inside the modem, i had to use the name or 192.168.1.XX ip address, now i can use the modem ip. but i still cant from outside of the modem, any ideas?