Best Choice of IM client Software

Dear Users of Wildfire

Could you please let me know what is the best choice of IM client for Wildfire (or any Jabber Server) for Windows client machines.

I have tried Gaim, Pandion, PSI. I am unable to make a decision as which is good.

Could you please give me your recommendation for best client that is free ware and also for client that cost ample amount

Thank you for your kind cooperation


it mostly depends on what your users expect and what your users should be able to do. If you need Audio / Video then you may want to se Neos while it has some bugs and no nice forum. Did you also take a look at Jivesoftware’‘s Spark client? It’'s really nice and the source code is also available.


spark rulz!

Hi there…

Best choices of IM client Software…

I have try …

  • GAIM

  • Miranda

  • Spark

  • PSI

  • Pandion

  • Trillian

And i can say …


are the best, because lot of features and the ICQ and MSN Transports works from client not from server.

truth wrote:

And i can say …


Heh, it depends on one needs. When i was testing clients (~1.5 years ago) Miranda scored the last place. As long as i remember jabber plugin is still the same, or i have tried newer version and have found the same bugs and very uncomplete XMPP support. And of all the clients Miranda behaves most strange when you are playing with shared groups (deleting, renaming, etc.).

I use Psi. I think it’'s great. The new version promises to be even better

Try Spark if you want an excellent Jabber IM Client.

Try TudoMais if you want a very simple Jabber IM client and a SIP SoftPhone.

Try Miranda if you want a multiprotocol IM Client. ( Several bugs in windows )

Hope Helped

We let a bunch of our users test several clients - Pandion was selected for rollout for no other reason than it worked on Windows and the women thought the avatars were cute! We don’'t allow file transfer and gateways.

We`ve tried some IM clients and to choose, you should have in mind what the users should be able to do. For instance, we only need to send text messages, without video chat, MSN integration and other features. We needed something clean, light and without unecessary features.

For that task, we choose Pandion.

Hope helped

Jabbin is a Psi derivative that does Jingle (VoIP)

If you have tried those three, you have tryed some of the best out there.

I would base my decision on the needs i have, for example:

Gaim is quite ugly, but works just fine for messaging, has tabbed windows, roster support, transports support, multiprotocol, group chat… and a couple other features. No jingle yet, though.

Gajim looks nicer, its jabber protocol only, and as such has a bit more functions and works better with it. (also tabbed, file transfer, utf, group chat, SSL/TLS etc…)

MirandaIM is not very nice, its multiprotocol, windows specific and doesnt support tabbed chats natively.

Spark is java based (multiplataform), jabber only, excelent wildfire integration, tabbed chats, file transfers, and a couple of other niceties (asterisk plugin and a nice pro-free-software company behind it).

Psi nice, quick, light, jabber only, multiplataform, transports support, tabbed windows, encrypted chats, file transfer… etc.

Those would be my top 5, and would base my election on their features and needs.

Right now, for ex. im deciding between Psi and Spark, Psi is lighter, and featurefull, but its a bit uglier, also its not as integrated to wildfire as Spark. I have been thinking about using both, just to see how it goes…


Here you have a list of jabber clients:

And here a comparison, showing the different features:

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