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Best flash settings for XIFF

I’'m trying to get XIFF working as a single SWF file using export in flash 8 professional.

I see you must select actionscript 2. What about the rest:

  • Flash 8 ? (does 7 or 6 work?)

  • access network only?

Do the org class files have to be copied out with the SWF file (I would guess not). I can connect to my wildfire jabber server if I’‘m debugging in flash, but when I export as SWF, it doesn’'t connect.

W.L. Gardner

I’‘m new to the library and just started playing with it. Using the XIFFExample for this test, I’'ve been successful exporting from Flash Pro 8 starting with the default settings, and trying both Flash 8 and Flash 7 as a target, no special “Settings”, and with both access network/access local files.

However, it will fail silently unless you update your global security settings at http://www.macromedia.com/support/documentation/en/flashplayer/help/settings_man ager04.html. For my test, I specifically opened a hole for my test swf.

If there is an easier way to do this, I’'m interested in hearing about it.


Thanks for your reply.if you solve the problem please help me in the proceeding ,In XIFFExample iam able to login i have a problem when i entered into the chatwindow the text i typed in chatinput was not visible and the roaster was also not display ,please help me to solve this problem.

Are you able to log in to your test account and conference room with a different jabber client using the same credentials you put in the actionscript? Are you seeing a full jabber stream in the output window of Flash? The first will indicate that your credentials are ok. The second will tell you if you have your security settings correct.

I’'m using Flash 8 for my testing.