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Best way to accomplish a website client?

I am new to XIFF so I though I would come to the experts for help

I wish to allow (multiple) people visiting my web site to converse with me on my home office computer using an IM session. I would like to use a Flash-based client on my web site so that I can integrate the user experience in with the rest of my site, which is based on Flash. I also would like to use a free account on a public Jabber server (since I don’'t host my own servers). It would be nice to talk to my MSN Messenger IM client, though I could run something else if that made it possible.

So experts: given the current state of the art, what the best way to accomplish this is? Is it possible with XIFF, Flash and public Jabber services as they currently stand? Do I need to do XMLRPC in Flash? Do I need Flash 8.5?

I sit at your feet and await your response…


It sure is possible!

What you need is :

if you want to connect to your msn client.

If you’‘d use a jabber client yourself, you wouldn’'t need this transport.

  • Xiff package

  • flash player 7 or 8.

There’‘s one catch, if you would like people without a jabber-account to use the webclient, anonymous login should be enabled. And I bet there’'s not many public servers with this setting enabled.

The example code in the Xiff-package should get you on your way in building a webclient.

I have built one, but unfortunatley I’'m not at liberty to post this code just yet.

Hope this makes things a little clearer.

My response to each part:

(1) I would like to go through someone else’'s public server, not run my own.

(2) No one should have to log into a Jabber server: they come and type text in a webform field, and the web page client logs in automatically (using my own jabber account), and connects with another Jabber (or transport-enabled) IM account.

(3) multiple people visiting my web site should all be able to start individual IM sessions, or they could all share a common session if that made it possible

The big thing here is that I don’'t want to run my own Jive Messenger server.

Thanks for the reponse, though.