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Best way to approach issue tracking integration


I have been thinking about a way to integrate the chats that we as a company have with each other to discuss issues from our issue tracking system. Ideally I’'d like these little chats to be logged in the Issue system for future reference. Short of copying and pasting the chat into an internal note I thought a plugin could be developed to automate this process.

Software Used

Openfire 3.3.0

Spark 2.5.2

Eventum (Issue Tracking System)


When someone starts chatting about an issue I would like them to hit a record button at the top right. It would then give them a list of issues assigned to them so they can choose what to record it under. Once that is chosen it would then be recording the conversation. Once they are done they can hit the stop button (the record button changing into a stop button during record.) and it will ask them for how much time they spent on the conversation so it can log this as well. The actual time can be pre-populated but they would be allowed to change it.

Both the chat and the time entry would then show up in Eventum, but that part is beyond this discussion. Some simple SQL queries can get it in there.

Openfire Backend

The Openfire server is local to the Eventum SQL installation and Spark may or may not be. So I figured the best way was the create both a Spark plugin and an Openfire plugin to facilitate this. The Openfire backend can insert the messages directly into Eventum and Spark would need to communicate the recording to Openfire.


What’'s the best way for the Spark plugin and Openfire to communicate? XMPP messages?

Is there a way to cache the recorded conversation so that it can be put into Eventum as 1 SQL statement after the recording is over?

How would I handle stale conversations that never stop recording or when a person logs out before stopping the recording?


I’'m sure more questions will come but I need to jump right in and start gathering information.


I have no idea how clean your chat conversations are but usually there are some useless questions etc. in them that I’'d prefer the manual old-school copy-edit-paste method which allows one to post only the relevant informations and not the whole conversation. So the readers of the entry get only the relevant information, this is afaik much more user-friendly and saves the team which resolves the issues a lot of time.


I would agree. The trouble is that not everybody has the same skill at pulling the relevant information out of a chat and putting it into our work order system. The reality that I’‘m facing is that too much stuff happen outside of the work order system and then it ends up not serving it’‘s purpose. I’'m simply looking for ways to ease the process of getting this information posted.