Beta releases / nightly builds => into new forum?


is it possible to create another forum where one can post question and suggestions about beta releases or nightly builds? It may be confusing and is somehow dirty to find bug reports, questions and answers about a beta product in the normal forum.


Hey LG,

In order to keep the number of forums low so we don’'t have to monitor many forums and since beta code is part of the development cycle…what do you think if we give beta feedback in the Wildfire Development forum? Just an idea…


– Gato

Hi Gato,

I like this idea, but it may be hard to direct beta testers to a developers forum … so if one would call it development version instead of beta version it may work out fine.

But a seperate forum should allow one to lock the threads and the forum after the beta phase.

If one is just interested in threads related to the beta version one will find them very easy, if you are interested in all Wildfire threads then you have already a problem. There is a Support view but no Wildfire view which shows all threads of and - so one could create such a view.