BEWARE: Smack 3 cometh

As a hopeful benefit to Smack users an excerpt from a different thread post.

I discovered today some new “features” of the impending Smack 3. Now maybe I just missed some other posts but a test I was running would not even compile with last nights Smack build

What I found was

Surprise! we’'re (not me) changing the API (Smack 3) so all your legacy XMPP code will no longer compile or run without modification.

At least in the simple test case it wasn’'t a big deal, hopefully in my application its not either.

XMPPConnection close method disappears, without as much as

“close has been deprecated” in the documentation which is the reasonable thing to do with java libraries.

Granted the docs are probably auto generated.

Oh yeah and XMPPConnection no longer does the connection to the server you must call a connect method.

Probably some other stuff lurking in Smack 3 also.



Using the nightly builds is always a bit risky. But, thanks for the feedback. We’'ll try to get the docs updated ASAP to be clearer.



Where can I find the Smack 3 docs?