Big bug Yahoo Gateway?

Hi all,

I’m using Openfire 3.6.0a and IM gateway 1.2.4d plug in. I use Spark Tool (XMPP Client) to register an yahoo account in the gateway. All of friends in yahoo account are showed up but the custom status of each is wrong.

For example: I have an yahoo account

Login with Yahoo Messager Tool:

My Friend list show the custom status below here:

A - Hello word.

B - Gud morning.

C - I’m happy.

Login by Spark:

A - I’m happy. <-- the status wrong

B - Hello word.

C - Gud morning

Note: My yahoo account have more than 20 friends.

Almost the custom status are wrong, so I think that is a bug but I don’t know exactly it’s a bug of Openfire or IM Gateway and maybe I’m wrong configuration.

Anyone who can help me?


Hoang Nguyen