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Bin directory missing multiple components in 2.2.0


I know that the ‘‘extra’’ directory is apparently missing in the 2.2.0 tar.gz binary distribution. The suggested fix is to download one of the nightly builds and pull the ‘‘extra’’ directory from there. Thats fine. I downloaded a nightly build and extracted the ‘‘extra’’ directory from it (although I think the admin should rebuild 2.2.0 to fix this).

However, I also noticed that the 2.2.0 tar.gz file has a script in ‘‘bin’’ called ‘‘messenger’’, but that the nightly build has no ‘‘messenger’’, but it does have ‘‘messenger.bat’’ and ‘‘messenger.sh’’.

Should ‘‘messenger’’ actually be a soft/symbolic link to ‘‘messenger.bat’’ or ‘‘messenger.sh’’ depending on your operating system? I ran a diff on ‘‘messenger.sh’’ and ‘‘messenger’’ and the differences are fairly significant. Should I just copy ‘‘messenger.*’’ into the ‘‘bin’’ directory and then force a softlink from the appropriate one to ‘‘messenger’’. Inquiring minds want to know.

BTW: I’'m building an auto-install package for Jive Messenger for Arch Linux. For it to work cleanly the 2.2.0 stable tar.gz binary build needs to be updated to the correct file structure.


Jim Burnes


The messenger.bat and messenger.sh scripts are ones that we created whereas “messenger” is one generated by install4j. Feel free to use either version depending on which works better for you. The feedback we’'re getting is that the install4j “messenger” script is less than ideal and that it might be a good idea to only use messenger.sh.

We’'ll be releasing 2.2.1 in the relatively near future. We prefer not to rebuild existing releases, as that can be rather confusing.



BTW: I’'m building an auto-install package for Jive

Messenger for Arch Linux.

great i’‘m using JM with Archlinux here and was thinking of opportunity to have whole server updated with a single command Though maybe it’'s not as simple.

Btw, have you included deamon to this package? And how do you achive it to start correctly? I had to put JAVA path to jive_messengerd file.