Blackberry and wildfire


I have a need to run a blackberry client that uses our blackberry enterprise server and never leaves the internal network to reach our wildfire server. I know there are XMPP/Jabber clients out there like IM+, but they act as a proxy gateway to connect. I can not use this as it goes external. Any suggestions??


The WebMessenger Jabber version does not use WebMessenger’‘s gateways. It opens a socket (either plain or ssl) directly to your server. Works great with MDS so if you’‘re server is on your private network you’‘ll still have access. I use it on my 8700 and I’'m going to roll it out to about a dozen more shortly.

Im not having any luck. What are your specific settings? How do I make an internal connection?


I figured it out, I had the wrong protocol to port settings. Works like a charm except the annoying vibrations when ever something happens


One of the things I like most about WebMessenger over IM+ is that you can set any kind of notifications you want via the standard profiles. In holster, Out of holster, ring, vibrate, etc.

There is a monthly fee to use webmessenger. Since I’‘m on my internal network I don’'t see a need to use their monthly service. How can I simply purchase the app? <— one time fee

must of missed that one!

I assume to select the jabber wizard to connect to the Wildfire server?

I installed the correct version and it works SO well. This is AWSOME! I downloaded my buddy list and is working so well.


I use the trial version, its great!