Blackberry connect to Wildfire

I have IM on my Blackberry and I’‘d like to connect to my Wildfire server. Anyone have insight on this? I can connect to Jabber, but I’'m not sure if that service might cross to Wildfire as well.


What client are you using on your blackberry? I’‘m trying you do the same thing using mobber ( and I haven’'t been able you make it work properly (the user is authenticated but other users do not see this user online). Are you having a similar problem?

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Hi Lara-

Thanks for the response.

I am using Shape Services IM+ client and I haven’‘t successfully authenticated yet unfortunately. I think I may be set to use the wrong ports, so I’'m looking at that now. Is your IM server public facing? At the moment, ours is not and I think that may be one of my issues.


You are 100% correct on the local ip issue. It’‘s not with the port. It would work if your server is using a public IP address and you’'re connecting via your GPRS/3G service provider.

However, if your phone support WiFi, you can configure your wireless network as your access point and connect to your (local ip) Wildfire.

Hi Lara,

Have you tried connecting to XMPP server other than Wildfire? IMHO, regardless of the IM client (phone/pc), they all must follow xmlns jabber:client namespace. If you fail on one server, it should fail on others as well; and vis versa.

You must also insure that your carrier and plan allow access.

Do other network apps work? BBWeather and Berry411 are good tests.

Browsers and GoogleTalk are NOT good tests because there are special service books that support them.

Are you on a Blackberry Enterprise Server?

I know for a fact that WebMessenger works. I’'m using the Jabber version now.

I’‘m pretty sure IM+ also works although I haven’'t tried it in a few weeks.

Hello aznidin,

Actually I haven’‘t, and also my server doesn’'t have a public IP adress, so I guess I have to check both of these out… (I thought I was on the right track because of the server authentication and all)

I’'ll post my results once I try this.

Thank you!


Great Lara… And if you do have problem after that, I hope you could create and post a new thread. We’'ll have to honor nicatnite303 for having this thread posted and we should focus on discussing him/her subject

I am typing this from the blackberry so I hope it comes out ok. I actually don’‘t mind all the responses here because any additional info is helpful…even if it doesn’'t specifically apply to my issue. Thanks for all the insight. I will try much of this out tomorrow.