Blank messages after each log on

I am using Openfire 3.6.0 and some of my users are complaining that they will get 3 blank chat messages from 3 different other users each time they log on. Is there any known issues? If not, what can I do on my side to find out the cause? Newbie here to openfire.

Maybe you can try to restart the server.

try to check broadcast plugin and motD plugin.

another way is to recreate users that sending spam massages

done that, many times. No diff

did try remove both and restart the server. No diff too

please see my post as well

it’s happening to us, and can’t figure what it is.


This is happening to our server as well. The one thing I did notice, is it seems to be users using Pidgin to non-Pidgin users. I have also noticed the packets that pop up’s seem to be related to the musictracker plugin:

Is that what everone else is seeing?

Maybe this has something to do with OTR-Encryption. The OTR protocol does use an special whitespace encoding to detect if the other side does support OTR. (*) Normally OTR does append this whitespace string only to the first normal chat message, so most user will not even notice it. But maybe this was changed in an new version of OTR.

(*) Benefit of this method is that it does work independent from the chat protocol and can be used over transports as well.