Blank users in Unfiled Group

I have 12 blank entries in the Unfiled Group in Spark. If I hover over them it will say like Jane Doe@ If I go to Openfire, Jane Doe is not a current user. She was an old user that got deleted. I guess I have some residual entries for here in the DB. Can anyone give the SQL statement to remove her?

Are you sure they come from the server? Maybe you have copied them or moved at some point from a shared group to your local roster in Spark, so after they’ve been deleted on the server you local copies became ghosts. You can check your user’s roster in the Admin Console and see if they are on your roster on the server.

They do not show up in Openfire console under users. Some spark clients show them, some don’t. Is there a good way to clean this up? Where would I have to go on a client to get rid of them?

I was able to right click on each entry in spark and choose “Remove from Roster” They are gone now at least on this client. I guess each one of my users would have to do that to get rid of them. IS there a way to hide the unfiled group perhaps?

The Unfiled group removed itself after exiting Spark and going back in. Simple enough I can write instructions for my users.


Right click on blank user(s) and choose “Remove from Roster”

Once “Unfiled” group is empty, exit spark and log back in.

“Unfiled” group will be gone.

Hello Grolff

I have tried from your explain, but I try right click not show anything popup, Can you have other step ? Thanks anymore