Block access to specific functions on Admin Portal

The OpenFire server is a great and powerful tool. However, from an administrative management perspective, it is missing 1 thing: The ability to set up separate levels of administration.

For example, I have an “Audit” department that needs to access the message history, but they shouldn’t be able to make any other changes.

I also have an administrator that I want to be able to add, modify, and delete users (non-admins), but not be able to modify admins and only be able to access a few set pages (such as the status screen and sending a global message).

If there is anything that I can do to help make this a reality, please let me know. I’m an IT Professional but far from a very proficient programmer (I can write PHP, bash scripting…etc.).

There is a ticket for this request OF-622. But it is a complex task, so nobody has provided any patch yet. You will need JSP knowledge (and probably good Openfire code knowledge, Java) to add this.