Block files extenstions

Hello Everyone,

few days back we were implemented openfire server 3.7.0 in our enviroment and i uplode some plugins like content filter , packet filter , client control, successfully . but in content filter u can only add word not the file types or extenstion , in my enviroment i want it to restrict or block those ext. like *.mp3 , *. avi , *.mpeg in openfire server with the help of any plugin ? so plz revert back me as early as possible bcoz it’s mendetory in my corporate enviroment .

There is no such plugin.

I would use GPO’s to control file types on all the computers from executing and disable usb storage / cd-rom access. licy-disable-removable-storage-access&catid=3:windows-server-2003&Itemid=3

Hi Joe,

Thanks For ur response ! But Still i’m not satisfy with ur last reply bcoz u give me the link for Software restriction policies & i don’t want to restrict software , i just want it to restrict users from sending those file extenstion like *. mp3 , *.avi , *.mpeg using spark massenger

Plz Revert Back Me ?

Hi Wroot ,

Thanks for ur response ! I have another querry for u , that u know how to enable Dial Phone facility bcoz in my enviroment its not working since from 2/3 weeks , plz let me know how u did it in ur enviroment ? & how to control it,

I don’t know much about dial phone feature in the Spark. Not using it.