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Block nickname changes in group chat rooms created by regular users

Hi All,

Some of our users started to abuse the power to change nicknames in group chat rooms. We allow everyone to create chat rooms and, by default, the “allow occupants to change nicknames” option is enabled, at least in Openfire 3.5.2 which is what we’re running. Our client is Spark 2.5.8.

Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of this feature and some users are impersonating others, which is a bit of an HR nightmare.

Does anyone know how to prevent nickname changes in group chats created by regular users?

I’ve done some research and found this topic (http://community.igniterealtime.org/message/200254#200254) where sixthring suggests that blocking nickname changes can only be done with LDAP integration, which is our case here. Except our nickname field in LDAP is filled out, but still users are able to change their nicknames in group chats.

By the way, after a user creates a room I can go in the admin console and uncheck “allow occupants to change nicknames”. I just couldn’t find a way to change the default setting so that all rooms created by regular users have it unchecked.

Thanks in advance!