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Block send files "user to user"

Hi friend´s

I need block send files user to user , because this have slow my network. I use Pandion client in workstations

someone help-me this?


sorry my english

Fabio Galerani

Look here: http://www.jivesoftware.org/forums/thread.jspa?messageID=94963&#94963



That answer is from february, so can anyone tell me if jive doesn´t yet support file transfers ?

I want exactly the opposite of the post header

I think this is it, and it is still open: JM-108

Do a search on google for proxy 65, you will find a component that will connect to jive to permit file transfers through a proxy. If both users can connect succesfully to eachother nothing additional is needed as long as long as both clients support Socks 5 bytestreams. Exodus and PSI are both good examples, and as far as java based ones goes I *think jbother supports file transfer and jeti, which is a java applet, does support it.