Block Users While Online

Hello Everyone, new to WildFire and Spark. Is there a way, while online to block certain users from seeing you online? I see there is an option to be invisable, but it does not work. Any input would be great. Thank you.


I don’'t know where you find the Invisible option within Spark, but Privacy lists are supported by Wildfire and currently not by Spark. So you must use an ad-hoc command to activate it, by manually creating a packet like

<iq type=''result'' id=''getlist3'' to=''''>
  <query xmlns=''jabber:iq:privacy''>
    <list name=''private''>
      <item type=''subscription''
      <item action=''deny'' order=''15''></item>


Thanx for the info, I will give it a try… The invisable feature is in Trillian Pro, was testing both and got confused. Thanx again.


Am new to spark, and was trying to accomplish the same thing. How/where do I carry out the instructions you just stated? Where do I put those settings?




It’‘s in Spark menu “Help->Show Traffic Window”. When it’‘s opened find the “Ad-hoc message” tab and click on it. Right-click on the empty space to access the contextual menu, and you’'re on your way.

To find out what’'s being sent/received, click on the tabs on the left of “Ad-hoc message” tab.

I"m very new to Spark, and am not sure how to use this command. I see where to send it, and I assume I change ‘‘’’ to my own… but - when I did that, I got booted.

I can’'t find the privacy feature in WildFire either.

Sorry for being … naive, but - can anyone help? Thanks!


Hi Matthew,

Wildfire supports this and I don’'t have a problem to send the above packet to it.

Is it possible that you did skip a <, ", ‘’ or > and thus produced a bad xml packet?