Block users


I just updated my spark client to 2.0.8. Does spark allow creation of an exclude list of users who cannot see me when I am online?



Hi Tom,

Spark has no UI to maintain privacy lists. You can create one using “Ad-hoc messages” (F12)

<iq from=''node@domain/resource'' type=''set'' id=''block1''>
   <query xmlns=''jabber:iq:privacy''>
      <list name=''mylistname''>     
          <item action=''deny'' order=''1'' type=''jid'' value=''boss@domain''>
                    <!-- drop all iq packets -->
                    <!-- don''t send my status -->
                    <!-- don''t receive status changes -->
               <item action=''allow'' order=''1000''></item>
<!-- set it as default list -->
<iq from='''' type=''set'' id=''id1default''>
  <query xmlns=''jabber:iq:privacy''>
    <default name=''mylistname''></default>