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Blocking File Transfers via Gateways

Hello all,

I’m running OpenFire 3.6.3, with Spark Clients 2.5.8. I am using the Gateway plugin version 1.2.4d. It was recently just brought to my attention that even when having File Transfers disabled via the “Client Management” plugin and the overall server “File Transfer Settings”, that gateway services can still transfer files when using clients other than Spark.

Example: A user configures Adium to use MSN through “msn.chat.mydomain.com”. This user can do file transfers with other MSN users.

Does anyone know how to lock down the transports/gateways so that file transfers are blocked? At my place file transfers are the devil.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Daniel Costello

File transfers are not possible through the gateway plugin. This feature is not support. Adium is a direct connect client for all protocols. My guess is the file transfer is going between the the client and MSN directly and never hitting your server.

I suggest to ask on http://kraken.blathersource.org/ forums as Kraken is now the new IM Gateway.

Thank you both for your answers. I’ll check out Kraken as well, I haven’t heard of that until this point. But a newly updated Transport plugin sounds fun. I’ll have to test it out today.



Kraken will be no different when it comes to this issue. You client application is the issue. It is connecting directly to MSN to do file transfers. It is not going through the openfire server or the gateway plugin. The plugin gate or kracken does not support this.

Understood Todd, sorry I didn’t make that clear. I was able to verify via tcpdump that you were correct. If you use the “Use HTTP” option through adium, everything is pushed through port 80 anyway. Its good to know that its not the openfire server doing it.

As for Kracken, I’m just interested in looking at it in regards to it being an update, and also to see if it has removed googlechat from beta status.

Thanks again.



In regards to google chat you can chat directly with google IDs via Server to Server. no gateway/kracken needed. Just add the google JID as a buddy (e.x. johnd@gmail.com).

I’ll have to try that out. If this setup is used, would the archiving tab still pick up the conversations? Thanks again Todd.


It should the conversations are stil going through your server. They just are not using the gateway plugin.