Blocking Groups from certain Groups/Users

I hope you guys can help me with this as I have been battling this for a couple days now. My Spark program is configured within my Active Directory therefore all my Groups and Users are made within the Server. I have the Packet Filter Plugin installed and it is working good for the Message and Iq blocking for certain Groups but whenever I add the Presence option the changes do not take effect. Also when I go to the Group section within Openfire and select certain groups that I would like present to other groups only some are recognizing within the Spark program itself. I have increased the Openfire memory to what my understanding is the maximum of 1.5GB.

If needing any information let me know and I can provide as much as I can.

Maybe you are expecting something else. When you block Presence, it will just stop updating it, not hide users.

Can’t tell about second one, not using LDAP.

Thanks for the response, I messed up the order of my Packet Filter which in turn did the reverse effect that I wanted. Blocking the presence does in fact hide users on the Contact List, at least that is what is happening to mine when I do so. thanks again!!

I have only tested this with local groups and users and for me it didn’t hide the user in the list, it just was showing as offline after the client restart. Maybe that’s depends on a client, or client configuration (e.g. if it is set to not show the offline users) or maybe this is LDAP related. Anyway, glad you worked this out.