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Blocking Other IM Protocols

I was wondering if there was a way to limit users to just the Jabber protocol on GAIM client side or even on Jive Messenger server side. We here would like to deter users from creating AIM, IRC, MSN accounts with GAIM so as to keep all instant messaging in-house. Thanks guys.

it’‘s definitely a client side issue… Because JM do not supports other protocols yet. I dont know if it’'s possible in Gaim, in Miranda you can delete unneeded protocols, or just do not install them.

Other way is to block ports for other protocols with firewall/router. Jive Messenger is using 5222 for no-ssl and 5223 for ssl. And you can change them.

I would side with wroot on using the firewall.

Just block the jive jabber ports instead of monkeying with jive itself.

I would be hesitant to try to get protocols out of the multiprotocol clients. What if they just bring in their own Yahoo or MSN or ICQ messenger software? Do you lock down what they can and can’'t install?

Also, they could potentially use webmessenger.msn.com or go.icq.com or other browser based sites which facilitating messaging…

Lots of holes and hard to plug…

As an alternative, or perhaps in addition to the port blocking, I’'d think that making it easier to use the inhouse im than alternatives would work. Perhaps a nice, light, quick java applet using smack api accessible easily over the intranet, in addition to reccommended stand-alone clients and documentation.