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Blue Screen of Death :-\

Reported by a user:

The problem only occurs after login and only if I then try to “Edit My Profile …”. It is somewhat repeatable. I get a frozen blue screen filled with text.

Any ideas?

Also, what kind of information would you like to get when filing a client side bug? Is there a standard set of information that is useful?

More information from my user:

Dead Blue Says (all quote marks are mine):


then some (very) general informative text, which I’'ll skip, then:

“Techical Information:”

"STOP:Ox0000000A (0x9D066240,0x00000002,0x00000000,0x8051EC1C)

ANY recommendations highly appreciated.


there are some known BSoD problems with some graphic cards, so you could try to use a spark.exe.vmoptions file (it contains plain text but it must not be a .txt file) as described in SPARK-208. Either the java2d parameter helps or it is another problem.


Hi gmurob,

Did LG’'s suggestions help you out? If so, I would love to add the vm parameters as the default in Spark. Please let me know