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Bookmark Unlisted Rooms

Great software, once again. Keep it up.

My problem is with the conference support in Spark. It is easy to bookmark rooms that are listed on the server, but when a room is “hidden” or “unlisted”, i cannot find any way to bookmark the room. Am I missing something, or is this a feature request?

BTW - I see that you have changed my testimonial to reflect the name change to Wildfire by placing it in in brackets. Feel free to quote me as if I said Wildfire (no brackets necessary) - the software keeps getting better and so does my appreciation for it!

And one final note - I am looking to deploy Spark to my organization to get rid of the dead Exodus client, but it is also lacking one more bookmark feature - the “autojoin” rooms. We use this extensively, and I won’'t be able to deploy until then. I appreciate this being created as a feature request.


Hi Tim,

Derek said “Spark 1.1 allows you to select which rooms you wish to “Join at startup”.”. Currently you can do this by modifying the start command like “C:\Program Files\Spark104\Spark.exe” “username=test&password=test&server=jabber.org&start_chat_muc=test@confe rence.jabber.org” - but I think you won’'t need this as in two days version 1.1 will be released.

Even if you bookmarked a room which becomes hidden you may have problems to join it if it is password protected. In this case Spark does not offer a way to supply a password.

I hope that version 1.1 fixes also this.