Bookmarks manager / editor


we are running an openfire deployment with over 3000 users,. we recently added some MUC rooms

is there an easy way to see a list of all users and put a checkbox to which MUC they should autojoin, and it will add it to the bookmarks?

or, does anyone have an insert statement to mysql to say add user1, user2, user3, user4, user5, user6, etc to RoomID 7, and it should check to make sure that user isnt there already ?

what else is the best way to manage all bookmarks for all users ?

You can use Client Control plugin. It has an option to add bookmarks (with auto-join option) to clients. You can add users or groups (comma separated) or just select All users. I think auto-join will not work for many clients, but it should work for Spark.

“Client Management” ?

it doesnt show me the current set up bookmarks

i want to be able not just to “Add” but also “view” and “edit” the current ones

Well, this plugin can view/edit only its own bookmarks. Don’t know of any other way (GUI, script) to do this.

does anyone know of a way to manage all the bookmarks without having to touch the database directly (rather via plugin etc)

if not, what would be a good queury to run to add to multiple JID’s that they should auto join a RoomID, also be a member of that room (rooms are restricted, that you have to be a member of it)

and the queury should also prevent duplicates