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BOSH limitations

We are currently using a standard xmpp client and looking to convert to an inhouse BOSH client. I have seen people comment here about some limitations with Openfire’s bosh implementation.

I have seen reports of limitations of 500 and 1500 connections via bosh and also reports of connection drops and memory issues. I am not sure how many of these are situational or tied to an older version of Openfire.

I have setup punjab but we are on a windows box and I don’t like that its not implemented as a windows service, plus I don’t like adding another layer.

So basically I am looking for the official word on the state of bosh in Openfire3. 7.1 and if its own bosh implentation is stable for about 500 concurrent users and if thats still the case if there are 1000 concurrent users.

Our current implentation is 1 box running:

Openfire 3.7.1

Windows Server 2008


Apache running a reverse proxy to openfire

Any feedback would be appreciated.

There are definitley some issues with the BOSH implementation in the current release (3.7.1). The good news is that some work has been done in the trunk to improve the BOSH connector for an upcoming release. I’m not sure how you feel about building from source, but it’s a quick way to test with the latest (in-progress) features and fixes. Perhaps these links may be of some assistance in the meantime:




You can also just grab the latest nightly build for your platform instead of building it yourself.


I will try the latest build on a dev server but is there documention or knowledge on what the true limits of OF’s BOSH are? I see this version addresses some bosh issues, but nothing mentions the limitations with regards to number of connections. I am curious if the issues in the forums are one off issues or actual core limitations. Anyone know?