BOSH prebinding support


I would like to ask you if you can add the support for this feature. Due to google, lots of people

need to prebind session to server and reuse JID/SID/RID to connect from client later. There is lots of

hints how to patch jbosh/smack to allow it too. There is pull request to jbosh library allowing to obtain

this params, but it is rejected - params are said to be internals and not for end user, and if we want

it, we can patch it, ahem…

I think, it would be nice to have some ‘bosh prebinder’ supported directly by smack library.


No Smack will never expose that internal state for already mentioned reasons. If you need it, simply use reflection to get the value.

It need not expose internals if it is one purpose prebinding tool.

We can patch smack or look inside it via reflection, but both is dirty, problems with updates etc.