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Bosh problem


I’‘m writing a bosh client for openfire, but I cannot restart the stream as indicated in xep 206. When I send the xmpp:restart=“true” command the server stops answering and the stream seems blocked. Perhaps I’'m sending something wrong, but I cannot find what…

Here is a dump of what I send:

tcpflow[12020]: listening on ppp0 POST /http-bind/ HTTP/1.1

Host: dalek

Content-Length: 202

Connection: Keep-Alive

And after this openfire stops answering…

If everything seems ok, could you please tell me an http client that is known to work with openfire? Thanks

Openfire supports only an older version of the XEP, the restart command is something that was added in the latest version of the XEP. There is an issue you can track which encompasses updated the server to the latest version of the XEP:


Thank you. I’'ll keep track of it.

Anyway also the previous behavior is a bit odd, since at any moment the server should send only the available stream features, instead I also get the bind and session features before having completed the SASL authentication.

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There is nothing unusual about it, please see the previous version of the XEP:


Yep, I see it, and I see that the same example is reported in xep 206.

I’'m going to ask to the standard jigs ml, since I does not make sense to offer a feature that is not available at that moment.

I’'ve asked in the standards ML, the and features at this stage are wrong, it was just an editing error that is fixed in the CVS version of XEP (see http://mail.jabber.org/pipermail/standards/2007-June/015569.html)

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Once we implement XEP-206 I am sure that will be in there.