BOSH Question

Is it possible for a public facing Apache HTTP server to provide a BOSH service on port 80 to a backend Openfire server running the BOSH service on port 7070?

i.e: WEB CLIENT (Using Strophe) accesses PUBLICSERVER/http-bind/ which proxies the request to PRIVATESERVER:7070

I don’t know if I’m being very clear with this question. Apologies since I’m new to the whole XMPP/BOSH architecture. Let me know if more details are needed to answer this question.


Certainly! Make sure mod_proxy is loaded for apache

ProxyPass /http-bind/


Thanks for the response.

I realised I should have been proxying to PRIVATESERVER:7070**/http-bind/** rather than just PRIVATESERVER:7070

Made the change and it works now.