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Bots In Jive?


Has anyone developed bots in Jive that reside on the server side?

I am thinking I could write a plugin that acts as a message interceptor addressed to a specified user. Is this the way to go or are there any other better ways?

Thanks - Anil.

Hey Anil,

Is this question related to the other thread? Will the bot return the “custom status message” when the user is offline? Adding a plugin for intercepting messages sent to specific users sounds good to me.


– Gato

Hi Gato,

This message is related to the same project, though not to the same functionality. I think you are assuming we are looking to proxy an offline user. This is not the case. We are looking to develop some bots which will provide automated help to the travelling user.

For eg: the user is at a different location and would like to get access to certain documents off a secure server at another location. The user would send a message to a bot requesting the document or even searching for the document. After exchanging some authentication information, the bot will transfer the document over.

As you can see from both my posts, we are looking for an appropriate platform to develop some features that will definitely not be mainstream, but specific to a client.

Anyways, the above information is just FYI. I will consider my question answered.

Thanks - Anil.

In general, it may be a good idea to implement this as a component. The code for routing all packets to components is pretty clean. It would be cool if we had a bot component, in fact. There would be a simple API to implement to create a new bot and then you could assign it a new name and configure properties.