Bounty ideas for Spark, Asterisk-IM, and such

Due to a lack of interest in Spark and Asterisk-IM, I’m considering offering bounties for improvements, fixes, and updates to them.

What would you like to see most improved?

Would anyone else be interested in chipping in?

I’m also considering offering some sort of bounty for jitsi client too to add sso, and to build an openfire plug that will help integrate jitsi provisioning, so that it can be more easily managed and used for business. This guy looks like he started such a plug in gmanojbabu/jitsiprovisioning · GitHub

And of course, once some of this is figured out; whats the best way in finding devs for hire? upwork?

I would like the asterisk-im as well. I would be willing to contribute to the bounty.

As i mentioned in PM, for Spark one can look at the major open issues in JIRA and take on some of them Issue Navigator - Jive Software Open Source

Some big issues are:

  • Voice chat not working correctly;
  • No installers for Mac; (needs to fix our Bamboo instance to support it again)
  • Many major issues with Mac;
  • Some functionality not working correctly on Linux;
  • Outdated Smack library.

For me personally i would like to be fixed/implemented:

  • Spark should save broadcast messages in sender’s history transcript;
  • Tabs should update status changes automatically;
  • Add support for XEP-0280 “Message Carbons”; (needs newer Smack)
  • Multiple chat window support;
  • Long lines of text without spaces brake the word wrap;
  • Systray icon changes to online when one opens the chat window;
  • History is not deleted after a user selects Clear in the chat window;
  • Add support for XEP-0184: Message Delivery Receipts; (needs newer Smack)
  • Emoticons and buzz buttons doesn’t load when receiving offline message on startup;
  • Option to disable auto scrolling in (group)chat;
  • Spark should show less history in chat window;

That’s for a start I can also chip in for the bounty (not much though).

I agree with your list, with the additions of the audio issues (might be voice chat related). I would also like to see work done to the sip phone plugins.

a few others

offline bounce messages,

carbon support.

I’m sure there could be some code cleanup/updating done as well to bring things more current.

Anything that can be done to improve load times and connection times would be great as well.

As we get a list of items together, how do we recruit someone willing to take the bounty?!

Updated my list above as some things are already fixed