Bring window to front is stealing focus

If this option is turned on then Spark is stealing focus from some programs. It steals it from Outlook. Though it doesnt steals it from Exodus when i was testing it on one PC messaging from Exodus to Spark.

Though i have tested this, but it seems sometimes Spark IS steialing tab focus when i get new messages (when bring to front is even disabled). Cant understand why it behaves like that only sometimes.


I don’t mean to hijack this thread, but I just wanted to mention a related issue that I’m having on a number of computers in the office - even with ‘Bring to front’ enabled, the window is staying behind when a message is received.

I’ve been getting complaints from people not getting messages because they don’t notice it in the taskbar.

Yeah, while testing focus issue i have noticed few times that window didnt pop up in the front. Now i was trying it with a collegue and after first time it popped up i have activated Firefox window (maximaized) and Spark didnt pop up upon getting new messages and even didnt flash in the taskbar. I’ve tried to fill that issue: SPARK-957

Excellent! I’m glad I’m not the only one. Thanks.

Here’s an explanation of Windows registry option which is actually limiting apps from jumping in front of other apps too often